Hi everyone,

Heres’ a brief background about myself.

I was born and raised in Toronto, ON and have lived in the Thunder Bay area for approximately 9 years. I am certified in multiple areas of wellness.

I first studied aromatherapy and reflexology in 1994 at The Canadian School of Natural Health Sciences in Toronto, ON. From there I continued my wellness education with certificates and diplomas in Celtic Shamanism, reiki, Live blood cell analyses, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, life skills coaching, Personal Support work, Aboriginal Law and Advocacy and a few other goodies.

I have practiced energy/healing work on many beautiful people and animals throughout my fulfilling career since 1994. Just to share a few of my experiences I worked on a few movie sets such as Wind at my Back and K-19 the Widowmaker balancing people’s energies through massage and reflexology. I have massaged numerous Athletes including; Tai Boxers in the Scarborough, ON area prepping their mind, body and spirit for their Boxing matches.

My life has been fulfilling as I have worked with children, elderly, adults from all walks of life including; assisting people with addictions and other health disruptions.

Another passion I have is I make a pain relief topical cream, White Cedar Remedies which, has been on the market for almost 10 years. The original reason I started making this cream was to help people who were suffering from painful withdrawal symptoms from addictions. From there this cream has grown exponentially and has helped hundreds of people with pain management from many different ailments. I have hosted hundreds of demos with this all-natural pain salve including; health food stores, pharmacies, The Whole Life EXPO and was even interviewed on 89.7 Northumberland FM radio to just share a few awesome moments during my career.

Then came the day when I started caring for my aging parents who had numerous health issues for at least a seven-year period including; Alzheimer’s, post-polio, cancer and complete body contractions. I would massage and practice reflexology on my Mom with Alzheimer’s on a daily basis for 7 years while, she was preparing to leave this world. What a rewarding experience to watch and feel her gratifying facial and body expressions while, she was gently massaged with my powerful, healing and energy exchange techniques.

My home-based wellness studio awaits you. Book today.

Live life to the fullest every day.

It’s all about timing, your wellness journey begins here.

Founder Cedar Medicine Woman

Margaret Simpson

Cedar Medicine Woman

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